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Upin ipin keris siamang tunggal bluray

The film follows the adventure of the twins and their friends in the fantastical kingdom of Inderaloka, where they have to save the kingdom from the evil king. The film has grossed around RM26 million in Malaysia, making it the second-highest grossing local animation film in Malaysian cinema. One day, they stumble across a mystical Malay dagger named the lone gibbon kris.

The kris is magical and opens a portal that transports the whole gang to the Kingdom of Inderaloka. As they try to find their way back home, they meet several classic characters from the Malaysian and Malay folklore. Together they have to help restore the kingdom back to its past glory and fight back the evil king, Raja Bersiong who is hatching an evil plan to destroy the kingdom.

The production took 5 years to complete, and the cost is almost RM20 million, making it the most expensive Malaysian film ever made. Radzi revealed that there are some scenes that were finished earlier and were changed afterwards as the scenes did not live up to their set standards.

One of the examples was changing the same scene 80 times until someone from the people of the production team almost resigned. They have been challenging themselves to highlight Malay folk tale and culture in the film, taking Star Wars as a good example of putting something imaginary in a film. The lead composer for this film is Sarawak-born Andrew Bong.

He was first approached by the producer, Burhanuddin Md. Radzi to compose Hollywood-style score but still includes traditional Malay elements.

Fakhrul Razi, a Bruneian singer, was approached by Hjh Ainon Ariff the creative director to sing the song as she wanted a singer that can sing with Bollywood-style after he was viral in India the previous year. He also was given the opportunity to voice Nakhoda Ragam in the film. Ernie Zakri, a Malaysian singer who is famous for her high-pitch vocal performance in AJL32, was also given the opportunity to voice Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah after she finished recording the song in the studio.

The first official trailer was released on 6 September Vietnamese dubbed version was released on 26 April in Vietnam, while the Indonesian version was released on 9 May It is also one of the very few Malaysian films that can break into Indonesia's biggest cinema operator, Cinema 21 along with Polis Evo 2. It was released on 28 August in Philippines with an English dub.

Upin dan Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal (2019) BluRay

Its Mandarin version is scheduled to be released soon in China by The film was submitted for consideration in the Best Animation Film category in the Academy Awardsbut was not nominated. The film was shown in Malaysian cinemas for 2 months. It is also the fourth-highest grossing local film of all time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. New Straits Times. Retrieved 11 September Movie to watch full movie online movies watch movies online avengers infinity war hd full movies film online watch s movies free movies to watch watch movies streaming movies free movie streaming full movies hd full movies.

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This new adventure film tells of the adorable twin brothers Upin and Ipin together with their friends Ehsan, Fizi, Mail, Jarjit, Mei Mei, and Susanti, and their quest to save a fantastical kingdom of Inderaloka from the evil Raja Bersiong. It all begins when Upin, Ipin, and their friends stumble upon a mystical kris that leads them straight into the kingdom. While trying to find their way back home, they are suddenly burdened with the task of restoring the kingdom back to its former glory.

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Made your link safe to visit. Sopan dan tidak mengandung unsur Agama, Porno, Promo dan judi. Tidak memasang iklan atau link lainnya. Berkomentarlah sesuai konten. Click here to get link. Suatu hari mereka menemukan keris misterius yang membuka portal dan mengirim mereka ke kerajaan Indraloka. Ketika mereka berusaha kembali menemukan jalan pulang, mereka bertemu dengan tokoh-tokoh klasik dari kisah rakyat Malaysia. Bersama-sama mereka berusaha melawan raja Bersiong yang jahat dan berniat menghancurkan kerajaan Indraloka.

Film ini mengikuti petualangan si kembar dan teman-teman mereka di kerajaan Inderaloka yang fantastik, di mana mereka harus menyelamatkan kerajaan dari raja jahat. Dengan anggaran RM20 juta, ini adalah film Malaysia termahal.

Film ini mendapat ulasan yang sangat positif di negara asalnya, dan telah meraup sekitar RM25 juta di Malaysia setelah tiga minggu, menjadikannya film animasi terlaris tertinggi di bioskop Malaysia mengalahkan Incredibles 2 yang memegang rekor sebelumnya. Pengisi suara. Asyiela Putri. Ahmad Mawardi. Mohd Amir Asyraf. Fakhrul Razi Ibrahim. Ernie Zakri. Diarahkan oleh. Diproduksi oleh. Burhanuddin Radzi.

Produksi perusahaan. Produksi Les Copaque. Didistribusikan oleh. Film GSC. Tanggal rilis. Waktu berjalan.Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now.

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The I. Upin and Ipin the twin who live at kampung durian runtuh. Inspector Sani and Khai are now involved in a snooping mission on a remote island on the east coast. The atmosphere turned turbid when a group of terrorists headed by Hafsyam Jauhari After leaving the military, Hassan returns home to help his brother settle a debt, to do so they must team up to fight the organiser's sons.

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In the outskirts and back-alleys of Kuala Lumpur, several individuals with money problems struggle to get their lives straight, finding their paths unexpectedly intersecting - with fatal results.

While trying to find their way back home, they are suddenly burdened with the task of saving the kingdom from the clutches of the evil Raja Bersiong.

With help from Mat Jenin and Belalang, Upin, Ipin, and their friends must overcome a series of challenging obstacles in order to restore the kingdom back to its former glory. The story line was good, the plot twist was nice and again the fight sequence was awesome.

And how they incorporate all the Malays fairy tale character in this movie is just awesome! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

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upin ipin keris siamang tunggal bluray

External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.This new adventure film tells of the adorable twin brothers Upin and Ipin together with their friends Ehsan, Fizi, Mail, Jarjit, Mei Mei, and Susanti, and their quest to save a fantastical kingdom of Inderaloka from the evil Raja Bersiong. It all begins when Upin, Ipin, and their friends stumble upon a mystical kris that leads them straight into the kingdom.

While trying to find their way back home, they are suddenly burdened with the task of restoring the kingdom back to its former glory.

[DOWNLOAD Film] Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal (2019) BluRay, 480p, 720p & 1080p

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Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap.Film petualangan yang baru ini menceritakan mengenai saudara kembar yang manis dan lucu yaitu Upin dan Ipin bersama dengan para teman-temannya Ehsan, Fizi, Mail, Jarjit, Mei Mei, dan Susanti. Mereka berupaya untuk menyelamatkan kerajaan Inderaloka yang fantastik dari Raja Bersiong yang sangat jahat.

Upin & Ipin - Keris Sakti (Sing Along)

Semuanya dimulai ketika Upin, Ipin dan teman-temannya menemukan keris mistis yang berhasil membawa mereka langsung ke kerajaan. Saat berusaha untuk mencari jalan pulang, mereka tiba-tiba dibebani tugas untuk memulihkan kerajaan kembali ke kejayaannya seperti dulu. Dengan bantuan dari Mat Jenin dan Belalang, Upin, Ipin dan teman-temannya harus mengatasi serangkaian hambatan yang menantang dalam film petualangan yang penuh dengan aksi, ajaib dan lucu.

Kunjungi indoxxi indonesia nonton film online bioskop terbaru cinema 21 indoxxi ganool dengan kualitas terbaik juga tersedia nonton movie box office layarkaca21 dengan subtitle indonesia terlengkap, terbaru serta nonton streaming film indoxxi film indonesia. Diimpor Oleh : result hk. Genre: AnimationFamily. Quality: HD. Countries: Malaysia. Genre: AnimationFamily Actors: Directors:.

upin ipin keris siamang tunggal bluray

Nonton Batman vs.Sign In. Hide Spoilers. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I watched for the first time and I was amazed how good was the story was and the quality of the production is off the scale.

Would totally watch it again very very refreshing from watching western type movies. The storyline is so good. Combination of several malaysian folklore made me mindblown. I donno how they manage to get an idea for this combination. I really enjoy the movie, feel nostalgia for me. I cant wait to see the next movie from les copaque! My son keep singing the theme songs since last saturday after we watched the movie.

I enjoyed the video graphics. Nearly perfect. Good job graphic team. Interesting sory lines for the combination of many fairy tales in a movie. Gave full star since I never seen both my daughters did not budge while watching this Made by local malaysians for the internationals.

Good movie, for kids mostly and adults enjoy it too. Most important, kids really into it and their focus was not like other movies before because now, they really focus and don't easily get bored. Very2 love this film, the graphic that they use are very clearly and nice.

Absolutely loved it! Not only was the soundtrack amazing, but I loved seeing how far the Les Copaque studio have come since their first Upin Ipin debut, in terms of animation! The songs were awesome and the characters are endearing. My only hung up was that there were a few plotholes where I can see that the studio would have been able to fill if they only had more time for the movie.

This movie use back popular-almost forgotten Malay folklore's characters, which is good so that it will be remembered by today's kids. Really love the colors, storyline,and the environment look mystical n colourful like international level. If u see the animal, wow. U can relate it with our traditional kuih mueh.

Even in this movie they put legendary folklore characters. Really nostalgic n yet really adventurous.

Gonna repeat this movie again!! I watched this movie 2 days ago. The animations are perfect, it has a big potential. When it comes to story line, it's a little non-serious but maybe it's good for children audience.

upin ipin keris siamang tunggal bluray

The film includes many popular local characters. When I think again that this is a local animated movie, I feel 10 stars are worthy for this movie. I don't have words to describe.